Why study English?

The importance of studying

An Indian folk tale


Once upon a time , in a small village , there was an old man
who seemed to know the answer to every question.

A group of young men decided to put this wits to the test.

One of them was to hold a bird behind his back
so that the old man could not see it
and ask him , whether the bird was dead or alive

„If he said , it was alive , the youth would kill it.
If he said , it was dead , the youth would let if fly.”

So they went to the old man and pointing to the youth with the bird
„What is it that he hides in his hands?”

„A bird” : the old man answered.
„If so , wise man – Is it dead or alive ?”
They asked again.

And the old man only answered :
„It is in your hands. It is in your hands ….”

No doubt , your future is in your hands , too.

So think it over !